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White Sox season without La Russa

White Sox season without La Russa

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Sox fans unite. I believe manager Tony La Russa says he forgot more about baseball than most managers. He also forgot to say when a couple of times. Manager Joe Maddon is out there somewhere and if La Russa would kindly resign we still might have a chance to salvage the season.

YCM, Orland Park

It’s disgusting too read and see all the million dollar salaries professional athletes are getting, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays never got a $1 million salary. Regular working families can’t take their families and children to sporting events anymore because it costs a fortune. Stop the madness.

Joe, Alsip

Tom from New Lenox was right but too long-winded about China buying up our property. He could’ve said that our Congress should wake up, wise up and pass into a law that clearly states that any US property that is for sale can only be purchased by a US citizen or by our own government. China obviously had subversive reasons to buy property adjoining many of our key military bases. This must be stopped unless we want to destroy ourselves from within.

RHS, Oak Forest

Arne Duncan, who was US secretary of education, appointed himself judge and jury to decide that Trump was guilty of committing a crime. His statement that no one is above the law does not apply to himself, apparently. He believes that voting should be mandatory for everyone 18 and older, and that two years of national service should also be required for everyone between 18-25. Doesn’t that seem like he wants our country to become a dictatorship?

Donald, Chicago

Before anyone is issued a license to sell marijuana, the vendor needs to donate 10% of the revenue to a senior citizens fund in the area. Money from the fund would buy a lawn mower and snowblower to store at a local apartment building. Other money will help to pay for home maintenance. Seniors who are 70 and older would pay a professional fee to a lawn mower and snow thrower operator to remove snow from the driveways and mow their grass.

George, Burbank



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