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Paul Pelosi bought stock anyone in business would

Paul Pelosi bought stock anyone in business would

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In reference to Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, a venture capitalist, buying $5 million in chip stocks, if you read the business section of the newspapers, examined the trade papers and watched news on the internet you might have made a purchase as well. It comes with implied risks and he could still lose money. Both Democrats and Republicans have voted against curbing federal employees from stock trading. The four richest members of Congress are collectively worth over $400 million.

Ron, Park Forest

To Gary or Oak Forest. If you are sincerely interested in a complete listing of the more than 30,000 lies Donald Trump told as president, it is not difficult to obtain a full, complete and accurate accounting. Simply use your preferred search method to search for the website that lists those lies. You will find that there are several, all fully fact checked. The Wikipedia article on the subject is also quite illuminating.

George, South Side

Hi, this is to Gary in Oak Forest. You wanted to know about Donald Trump’s groin. Well, number one, he lost the election and number two, he said COVID-19 was just like the flu. See what happened there?

Marty, Romeoville

If Trump would have just returned the boxes and documents he took from the archives. They weren’t his to begin with and he stole them. They were classified documents but he feels that he is above the law and no law applies to him. Once again he tries to divert attention from him and cries like a baby and is always whining. Trump needs to grow up. He gets what he has coming to him. He deserved to have his safe broken into, and his Trumpettes need to quit blaming everyone else but himself.

Geri, Tinley Park

To Brittney Griner and all of her supporters, I hope you all feel good and sleep well knowing that the United States is proposing to the Russians swapping her for a known arms dealer who has brought misery and suffering to the world. I have no sympathy for Griner, a millionaire athlete who should have known better. Since when do the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many? She should stay in a Russian prison and pay the consequences.

Ted, Oak Lawn

The anti-God, anti-American, pro-socialist Democrats are jumping up and down because the inflation reduction bill passed. It’s going to be reduced for middle class people. Democrats keep spending our tax dollars and the more bills they pass on spending more in debt and inflation gets worse. So you all that voted for these people thanks. We aren’t going to have a country left soon. Vote Democrat and the RINO Republicans out of office.

Bob, Frankfort

Greg from Lockport is telling it like it is regarding the distorted news fabricated from Fox News and the Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine supporting Donald Trump’s big lie and their concerted effort to undermine American democracy. It was Joseph Goebbels, the German Nazi minister of propaganda, that told Adolf Hitler if the lie is big enough and you tell it often enough then people start to believe it. History is repeating itself, however this time it’s on American soil.

Ben, Crestwood

The deceptive Democrats are at again with this outlandish and despicable tax bill during the height of runaway inflation and this current recession. They have the gall and chutzpah to send this horrible Orwellian titled Inflation Reduction Act to the Congress for passage. Maybe it should be properly labeled the scamming the gullible public tax act because that is what it really is. These leftist Democrats think they somehow have a mandate when their public approval rating is at a dismally poor level.

Don, Orland Park

The new rendition for Soldier Field that Mayor Lightfoot decided to do, I think she ought to take her head and pull it back off and put it back on our shoulders. That’s Soldier Field was named after the people that served this country to make it safe to live in and a good country, which it is. But changing everything for her is baloney the way she’s going to do it. It’s going to be an amusement park. She ain’t got no brains at all.

Porky, Manhattan

Regarding the youth in Oak Lawn who was arrested with excessive force by the Oak Lawn police. I think the parents and the community ought to look into how and from whom this boy got a semi-automatic gun loaded at the age of 17. Maybe it was from someone in their own community. Go picket that person’s house, not the police. I would think most are happy the police might have stopped another senseless person from going on another gun killing spree in their own community.

Irish, Palos Park

The other day the Oak Lawn Police Department was conducting a seat belt check. My advice is stop harassing innocent civilians. You do not work for the IRS.

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Ed, Burbank

I wonder if the police in Highland Park had managed to arrest the young man who murdered people on the Fourth, using similar tactics as the Oak Lawn Police Department, would have received the same outcry from the public? Would that teen have a heroes welcome upon being released? You can’t have it both ways. Public safety for all, or public safety for none.

Rick, Chicago

I am fed up with the people who keep using the race card when something happens. People just want to sue for money and we need to start standing behind our police department 100%. Bottom line is to stop and drop when you are commanded, but that when people run they’re usually doing something illegal. Where are the parents of these kids? Let them take some responsibility too.

Sophie, Frankfort

With respect to the people complaining about the 17-year-old in Oak Lawn who got punched, where was this concern with Kyle Rittenhouse, who actually killed two people and the police let him go free. I wonder what the difference is?

Steve, Matteson



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