Home Local News New Crumbl Cookies location to debut Friday in South Elgin – Chicago Tribune

New Crumbl Cookies location to debut Friday in South Elgin – Chicago Tribune

New Crumbl Cookies location to debut Friday in South Elgin – Chicago Tribune

Jennifer and John Krumm’s new South Elgin franchise has nothing to do with their last name but people can’t help but laugh when they hear their new store’s name, they say.

“We get the Krumm/Crumbl joke from everyone, not just our friends,” Jennifer Krumm said of their new Crumbl Cookies store, which opens Friday at 315 S. Randall Road. “People who don’t know Crumbl think we made up the business name.”

For those not in the know, Crumbl Cookies is one of the nation’s fastest-growing food franchises. There are more than a dozen in Illinois already, with the South Elgin store and one in Orland Park opening next week adding to the count.

Launched in 2017 in Logan, Utah, by cousins ​​Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, the company has more than 540 locations across the United States.

Krumm found out about Crumbl when she was visiting her brother in Florida and her sister-in-law brought some home for her to try.

“I had never heard of the brand, and loved their cookies,” said Krumm, who lives in St. Charles. “I phoned my husband and told him we were going to open a franchise. I had no idea there were any in Illinois. … Crumbl is unique as there is no other brand out there that has such amazing cookies.”

One of the things making it unusual is the social media sensation it has become, with 5.6 million followers on TikTok, 2.6 million on Instagram and nearly 1.6 million on Facebook. And that’s not including the countless “influencers” who have created their own social media accounts to rate the different varieties.

“Our cookies rotate weekly, which keeps the interest alive,” Krumm said.

Every Sunday the company posts a video online showcasing what the four or five specialty flavors for the coming week will be. The only cookie that remains a constant on the menu is milk chocolate chip.

Customers often order ahead of time to avoid wait times, and curbside pickup and delivery are offered.

At the store, orders are placed via tablet devices. The cookie-making process can be viewed while orders are being filled. Cookie prices start at $4 each.

This is the couple’s first experience with opening a franchise business.


“My previous job was with Freighthawk Xpress as an accounts payable/accounts receivable manager. John is keeping his job, and I will be running the store,” Krumm said.

With an already huge outpouring of support from the community, she said she’s excited to finally open the doors to the public.

“Everyone loves cookies,” Krumm said. “I want Crumbl to be the best part of everyone’s day.”

Mike Danahey is a freelance reporter for The Courier-News.



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