Home Local News Don’t Drive High Because IL State Police Are Searching For You

Don’t Drive High Because IL State Police Are Searching For You

Don’t Drive High Because IL State Police Are Searching For You

WARNING: If you drive stoned, the Illinois State Police is looking for you throughout the entire month of August.

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Traffic Enforcement Task Force Is Common In Illinois

If you’ve lived in Illinois for a bit and keep an eye on the news, this is nothing new to you. The Illinois State Police will receive grants to fund traffic enforcement. Often, they will come during the holiday seasons or busy travel times. It will usually focus on violations like distracted drivers, speeding, seat belts, and driving under the influence to just mention a couple. There is one coming up for the whole month of August.

Traffic Enforcement Coming Up For The Whole Month Of August

In the whole month of August, Illinois Police will be leading traffic enforcement throughout that state.

According to fox32chicago.com,

Illinois State Police have announced a month-long traffic enforcement where they will be looking for not only speeders, but also distracted and influenced drivers. This includes drivers under the influence of marijuana.

Just Because Pot Is Legal Doesn’t Make It A Free-For-All

Remember, just because recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all when it comes to cannabis. There are still rules and regulations that must be followed. If you break the law, you will be arrested. So, be smart about it. Just like drinking, if you’re going to be getting high then don’t drive. It’s just that easy. Where are you going anyway? Just order some Grub Hub and check out the latest on Netflix.

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It’s Okay To Warn Residents

The Illinois State Police have been releasing information about traffic enforcement for years. Some residents get angry because they think it gives the lawbreakers a heads up. My thought is that it will keep them off the streets during that time. Hopefully, they will always remember and not take the risk in the future.

Justin Sullivan

Justin Sullivan

Please don’t drive under the influence.

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