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Crumbl Cookies Coming To Tinley Park

Crumbl Cookies Coming To Tinley Park

TINLEY PARK, IL — Tinley residents won’t have to go very far for a sugar fix, with their very own Crumbl Cookies set to open soon. At Crumbl, the treats are mixed, rolled and baked in-house in an open kitchen and the cookies come as big as your hand. The locally owned chain cookie shop is set to open in the Burlington Plaza at 159th and Harlem.

Tinley residents will see the Crumbl sign on a space at 15943A S. Harlem Avenue. An exact opening date is not yet known; Patch will update when we get the word.

Each week, Crumbl Cookies customers are greeted with a new menu of six cookies. The rotating menu always features the shop’s signature milk chocolate chip and a variation on a chilled sugar cookie. Depending on the day and season, the other cookies on the menu could include flavors such as churro, lemon glaze, birthday cake, candy corn, macadamia nut, pink velvet, sea salt toffee or circus animal cookie.

Customers can place their orders on self-serve kiosks throughout the store or order ahead on the Crumbl Cookies app. The app, which is available on Google Play and in the Apple Store, also unveils each week’s cookie menu every Sunday night, offering customers a sneak peek of what’s in store.

The Crumbl Cookies app also offers cookies for delivery.



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